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If we only accept the things that agree with what we want to believe and reject all evidence to the contrary then we will always know for certain that we are right. This isn't about ivermectin. You may be wrong about ivermectinor or you may be right but with reasoning skills this poor, whenever you are right it is purely by accident.

Posted by Jack Read more 17.01.

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Journalism is hanging on by a thread and news is just another big business, intent on sensationalism I whole heartedly believe. I wish these fear mongerers would shut up about this God damn virus; with a bunch of "no news" just trying to keep people on edge. Everyday since this outbreak started there has been some unnecessary, exhaustive play by play trying to make people who don't know otherwise think this is some special Corona super virus that behaves any differently than any other viral agent. Telling us to be terrified because Covid is mutating (according to my understanding and research and the opinions of people involved in the field, antigenic shift and drift is a signature of viruses) These leeches know nothing but "heart breakin', paper makin', and ass shakin'.

Posted by Jack 17.01.

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